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ESOP Participants

Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping ESOP participants diversify company stock into an investment portfolio to meet their retirement income needs.


The Employee Owner's Guide to Diversification and Retirement Planning


What is an ESOP?

What is the purpose of an ESOP?

How is an ESOP different from a company's 401(k) plan?

What does an ESOP mean to me?

How is the price of the stock in the ESOP determined? How often is it valued?

How often will my ESOP account balance change?

How may employees help increase their ESOP account value?

When can I access my ESOP balance?

Where is the employees' portion of the ESOP kept?

What is the role of an ESOP trustee?

What is ESOP diversification?

How can a financial planner help me?

How can a wealth manager help me?

Is an ESOP a good retirement plan?

How do I capture my retirement vision?

Will my ESOP generate enough retirement income to retire?

Why do I need a tax strategy?

Why do I need to know about risk management?

What is my risk tolerance?

When should I consider updating (or making) my estate plan?


The What, Why, How, and When of ESOP Ownership

In's and Out's of ESOP Diversification

Employee Owner to Retirement: 4 Commonly Asked Questions

Questions ESOP Participants Should Ask Their Employer

Employee Wealth Grows with ESOP

8 Ways to Increase Your ESOP Value and Wealth

How Large A Slice Is ESOP In Your Retirement Pie

ESOP vs. 401(k): Understand the Differences

Minimize Risks for ESOP Participants

One Stock Made You Rich? Preserve Wealth Using Diversification

Tax Strategies for ESOP Participant

Fabulous 50s: Preparing for Retirement Success

Savvy 60’s: Prepare for Your Go Go Years in Retirement

How ESOPs Contributes to Great Retirement Plans

Invest in Your Story

Witness the Power of Good Advice

I am an ESOP Participant. When Will I Be Paid?

Is My ESOP Enough To Retire?


How Much Income Will Your Large ESOP Balance Generate?

An ESOP balance over $1 million could generate a huge portion of your retirement income.

Learn how with Peter Newman at his next scheduled event.
Will your ESOP fund a lifetime of memories?
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