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Employee Owners celebrating Retirement Success
An ESOP balance over $1 million could generate a huge portion of your retirement income.

This webinar will cover:

1. Diversify your ESOP​​​​​​​

It’s important to reduce your risk as you near retirement. Learn strategies for diversifying your company stock and how it may protect your wealth.

2. Retirement income opportunity​​​​​​​

Understand how ESOP, 401k, and IRA accounts serve as building blocks for your retirement. Your ESOP balance may create the largest portion of your retirement income.

3. Accessing cash in your ESOP​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Learn the steps to get cash from your ESOP. Receive tips on spending the money today or saving it for the future.

Peak Wealth Planning
Peter Newman

Peter Newman, CFA
Webinar Host

Peak Wealth Planning

Peak Wealth Planning

Peter Newman

Peter Newman 

Peter Newman, CFA, works with individuals nationwide that have accumulated wealth through concentrated stock ownership. Peter helps his clients achieve their unique goals and enjoy peace of mind.

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ESOP Participants Proud of their Contribution

ESOP Participants

Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping employee-owners through their ESOP diversification milestones and creating an investment portfolio to meet their retirement income needs.

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