Real Estate Investors & Developers


Investments to Complement Real Estate Wealth Building

Peter Newman, our President and Founder, has over fifteen years of experience as a real estate investor. He has developed commercial buildings, owned a property management business, and has experience with residential and commercial investments. Peak Wealth Planning can review your balance sheet and how you invest idle cash.


We may suggest ways to improve returns on your cash, minimize taxes, and satisfy bank collateral requirements. If you have investment portfolios with stocks and bonds ($2.5 million or greater), we can arrange for a bank line of credit to finance more real estate. This may be appropriate if you have large stock holdings with embedded capital gains.


If you are looking to build an investment portfolio to complement your real estate, we can evaluate your tolerance for risk and intelligently construct a diversified portfolio to protect and grow your wealth. If you are divesting of real estate and wish to invest proceeds into less management intensive investments, we can create a diversified stock and bond portfolio to meet your investing goals and income needs.