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Concierge Services


Your financial goals evolve as you move through your career and into retirement. Your financial plans should adapt and grow with these changing goals. So whether you seek concierge services for wealth protection, portfolio growth, retirement planning, or transferring wealth to heirs, Peak Wealth Planning fits your needs and your vision.

Vision and Fit
Vision & Fit
Financial Plan
Financial Planning
Risk Review
Risk Review
Invest and Retire
Invest & Retire
Estate and Taxes
Estate & Taxes
Decision Help
Decision Help
Peak Wealth Reviews your Vision

Vision & Fit

Discover if you are a match for Peak Wealth's services.

  • Beginning with an introductory meeting, the Peak Wealth Planning team will learn about you, your family, and your vision and values. During this discussion, you will:

    • Share your financial goals, 

    • Express your lifestyle desires,

    • Identify people you care about, and

    • Learn about our fees and services.

  • Using your vision for the future, Peak Wealth Planning will develop a customized proposal to meet your financial planning needs.

Vision & Fit
Peak Wealth Creates a Plan to Meet your milestones

Financial Plans

Develop an entire financial picture to achieve your goals.

  • As a Peak Wealth Planning client, you receive financial advice that aligns with your long-term goals. Our team will:

    • Have a conversation to gain a deeper understanding of your vision and values,

    • Document your financial assets, 

    • Catalog your statements and information,

    • Evaluate household cash flow, accounting for lifestyle spending and savings, and

    • Draft a financial plan to align your long-term goals with resources.

  • Your trusted financial advisor will review this plan with you, and make recommendations based on whether your financial resources are sufficient to meet your desired timeline. 

  • Your financial milestones and net worth are reviewed annually to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

Financial Plans
Peak Wealth Reviews Risks that May Derail you From Your Goals

Risk Review

Uncovering pitfalls before they derail your goals.

  • Peak Wealth Planning's Risk Review uncovers pitfalls that could derail your ability to meet lifestyle goals and financial milestones. During this assessment, we will:

    • Identify the risks you are exposed to, such as premature death, running out of money, nursing home care, and divorce of an adult child, etc.,

    • Discuss the pros and cons of accepting or transferring each risk, 

    • Decide which risks you are willing to accept or transfer, and

    • Advise you on appropriate tools to transfer select risks.

  • Some of the tools Peak Wealth Planning uses to transfer risk include insurance, corporate structures, trusts, and asset titling.

Risk Review
Peak Wealth Tracks Investments for Peace of Mind

Invest & Retire

Gain peace of mind your investments will be enough.

  • Unlock the full potential of your wealth building journey while achieving your financial independence. As a client with Peak Wealth Planning, your trusted financial advisor will:

    • Track your net worth,

    • Evaluate your portfolio asset mix and capacity for risk, 

    • Review current investments and savings rates to ensure they meet your lifestyle needs and financial goals,

    • Advise on investment mix changes to meet your lifestyle goals or reduce portfolio risk, and

    • Discuss investment statements and answer questions you may have.

  • The journey into retirement presents many challenging decisions. Peak Wealth helps you make good decisions toward generating a sustainable retirement income stream.

Invest & Retire
Peak Wealth Helps You Create a Legacy

Estate & Taxes

Secure your legacy.

  • You have worked hard to create a legacy for your loved ones and deserve to decide what becomes of it. Peak Wealth Planning’s Estate Planning assessment ensures your resources will protect and provide for the ones you love. We will:

    • Review your current estate planning documents in light of vision and values, 

    • Ensure documents reflect your goals and are tax efficient, 

    • Coordinate with an attorney to create or revise your will and trust documents, 

    • Consider asset protection strategies for future generations, and

    • Review tax returns and asset locations for opportunities to reduce taxes today and in the future.

  • Peak Wealth Planning will ensure your surviving spouse or family members have timely answers to their financial questions.

Estate & Taxes
Peak Wealth Is Here to Help You With Decision Making

Decision Help

Expert advice makes decision-making easy.

  • Peak Wealth Planning’s clients are confident with their decisions because they have expert advice a phone call away. We answer your questions about:

    • Mortgages, vacation homes,

    • Stock options, asset allocation, and taxes,

    • ESOP diversification and ESOP rollover to IRA,

    • Changes to 401k and other workplace benefits, and

    • Business succession planning or sale.

Google and D.I.Y. financial planning tutorials will only take you so far. Peak Wealth Planning’s clients enjoy expert advice a phone call away. When your eyes glaze over from reading too much, set up a Discovery Call with us and see if we may be your trusted financial advisor.

Decision Help
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