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Who We Work With


Peak Wealth Planning specializes in working with clients whose net worth is $3 million to $80 million or more. We get to know your unique needs and design a strategy to help you align your personal goals and finances.

ESOP Participants 

Peak Wealth Planning has the expertise to guide Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Participants nearing retirement through the diversification process.

If you work at an employee owned company and have a significant portion of your wealth in company stock, we can assist you to develop a plan for ESOP diversification, reinvesting your company stock into a diversified investment portfolio to meet your unique needs. Further, we can assess your ESOP and other investments (retirement accounts, brokerage, real estate) to forecast your expected retirement income after taxes. And, we can estimate the amount of assets you may be able to leave to future generations.

Planning Your Retirement 

Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping individuals plan their retirement around the things most important to them. Whether your goals are to spend more time with family, travel around the world, or leave a legacy for future generations, it all begins with aligning your retirement vision with your plan to get there. 

Our expert team will work with you to determine the sustainable retirement income your accumulated wealth building journey can generate. We will develop a tailored investment strategy based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon for retirement. And, we will help you make informed financial decisions about your savings, taxes, and insurance. 

Real Estate Investors or Developers

Financial planning is crucial for real estate investors as it aids in managing cash flow, mitigating risks, optimizing tax benefits, evaluating leverage, achieving long-term wealth creation, planning exit strategies, and ensuring portfolio diversification. Essentially, it provides a strategic roadmap to navigate financial complexities and achieve investment goals efficiently.

At Peak Wealth Planning, we're attuned to the unique needs of real estate investors. Our team helps you make smart decisions with your idle cash, meet bank needs, access extra funds for more property investments, and create a balanced mix of investments that align with your comfort level on risk—all aimed at boosting your wealth.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Constructing a stable financial future as an entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges. Those challenges are compounded if. While your business thrives and generates substantial income, Peak Wealth Planning can propose investment methods that could potentially lower your tax liabilities, mitigate risk, and augment your wealth.

If you grew your wealth through operating a business and are considering a sale, we can assist you to estimate your after tax proceeds. We can also project your sustainable lifestyle income from the proceeds of a sale. If you are still growing wealth through entrepreneurship, Peak Wealth Planning can suggest investment strategies that may save you taxes, reduce your risk, and increase your overall wealth.

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