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Who We Work With


Peak Wealth Planning specializes in working with clients whose net worth is $3 million to $80 million or more. We get to know your unique needs and design a strategy to help you align your personal goals and finances.

ESOP Participants 

If you work at an employee owned company and have a significant portion of your wealth in company stock, we can assist you to develop a plan to diversify your stock into an investment portfolio to meet your unique needs. Further, we can assess your ESOP and other investments (retirement accounts, brokerage, real estate) to project out your expected retirement income after taxes. And, we can estimate the amount of assets you may be able to leave to future generations.

Planning Your Retirement 

Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping individuals plan a retirement to spend time with family or experiences important to you.

We can work with you to determine the sustainable lifestyle income that your accumulated wealth can generate. We have the expertise to do these projections whether your wealth is from real estate, company stock, or retirement (401k, 403b and IRA) accounts. As you are planning for retirement, we advise on the mix of stocks and bonds to meet your future spending needs.  And, we can manage your investments to maximize after tax retirement income. If you are retired we can distribute regular income to sustain your lifestyle.

Real Estate Investors or Developers

Peak Wealth Planning can assist real estate investors in several ways. We can review your balance sheet and how you invest idle cash. We can suggest ways to invest your cash to improve returns and satisfy bank collateral requirements. If you have investment portfolios with stocks and bonds, we can arrange a line of credit to finance more real estate. And, if you are looking to build an investment portfolio to complement your real estate, we can understand your tolerance for risk and intelligently construct a diversified portfolio to enhance your wealth.

University Employees

As a university employee nearing retirement you’ve been contributing to your state pension for the majority (if not all) of your career. For you, this may be the primary source of your guaranteed retirement income.


Peak Wealth Planning can take a look at your overall circumstances and help you design a strategy with the goal of maximizing your retirement income. We can also identify ways to diversify your investments while minimizing tax obligations.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

If you grew your wealth through operating a business and are considering a sale, we can assist you to estimate your after tax proceeds. We can also project your sustainable lifestyle income from the proceeds of a sale. If you are still growing wealth through entrepreneurship, Peak Wealth Planning can suggest investment strategies that may save you taxes, reduce your risk, and increase your overall wealth.

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