Retired...Now What?

Enjoying Your Retirement

You have worked hard for many years. Perhaps you accumulated company stock, sold a business, or just worked hard and saved a lot in your 401k. When you retire, you may not want to worry about investments, stock market gyrations, and how much to withhold on your taxes. Peak Wealth Planning works with retirees to manage investments, plan for taxes, and distribute regular retirement income to meet your lifestyle needs.

We advise retirees on:

  • The proper mix of stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash

  • Pros and cons of life insurance relative to your wealth

  • Whether to keep an expensive long-term care policy

  • When to start taking social security

  • Whether to finance or pay cash for a vacation home

  • Minimizing taxes

  • Complying with required minimum distributions (RMDs) from retirement accounts

  • Gifting for adult children

  • Charitable gift deductions and strategies

  • Impact of recent tax law changes

  • Managing investments in trust accounts


If you have adult children, we help set up investment accounts and facilitate annual gifting of cash or securities. And, we can work with your estate planning attorney or tax accountant to protect your assets and minimize estate taxes. If you have a favorite charity, we can assist with creating a donor advised fund to minimize your taxes and support your favorite organizations.