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Visions & Values Workbook


5 ladders with one hitting the bull's eye

Why are goals critical in financial planning?

Goals are essential in financial planning because they give direction and purpose to your financial choices. Without clear objectives, strategies lack relevance.

Whether you have a detailed vision or a faint idea of your desires, it's vital to transform them into actionable goals. Reflect on your habits and life's journey — do they align with your dreams?

Download the Peak Wealth Planning's 
Visions and Value workbook now to help identify and prioritize your personal financial goals.

About Peak Wealth Planning


Peter Newman

Peter Newman, CFA, works with individuals nationwide that have accumulated wealth through concentrated stock ownership. Peter helps his clients achieve their unique goals and enjoy peace of mind.


Peak Wealth Planning

Peak Wealth Planningspecializes in working with clients with a net worth of $1 million to $25 million or more. We get to know your unique needs and design a strategy to align your personal goals and finances.

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