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The Goal Setting Process


Goal setting is critical in the development of a financial plan. It gives meaning and direction to the various financial decisions you will make during your lifetime. All the projections your advisor comes up with mean nothing unless they represent those things that are dear to your heart. Some people have their desires clearly mapped out while others only have a vague idea of what it is that will make them happy. 

Setting Goals Turn Dreams Into Reality

To turn your dreams into reality, you will need to make them into financial goals. Get started by examining your life’s story and whether you are satisfied with your progress. 

How do I determine what is important to me?

While no one question can trigger your mind to determine what you really want, I have generated a series of questions that may help you get started.

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How can a financial advisor help?

Your trusted financial advisor can help you turn your goals into reality by aligning your finances with your passions and future vision. They guide your savings, investments, and address concerns to ensure you're on track for a desired retirement.

About Peak Wealth Planning


Peter Newman

Peter Newman, CFA, works with individuals nationwide that have accumulated wealth through concentrated stock ownership. Peter helps his clients achieve their unique goals and enjoy peace of mind.


Peak Wealth Planning

Peak Wealth Planningspecializes in working with clients with a net worth of $1 million to $25 million or more. We get to know your unique needs and design a strategy to align your personal goals and finances.

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