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Company-Provided Financial Wellness for Employee Owners

Updated: May 15

Content originally published on the EsOp Podcast on January 23, 2024.

In The EsOp Podcast Episode 265, Part 3 of 3: "ESOP Company-Provided Personal Financial Wellness Planning," Bret Keisling is joined by Peter Newman, the founder of Peak Wealth Planning, a boutique financial advisory firm specializing in high-net-worth individuals with a strong emphasis on employee ownership. In this episode, we delve into a critical aspect of ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) companies' success – the provision of personal financial wellness training to employee owners.

Peter Newman of Peak Wealth Planning joins Bret Keisling on the ESOP Podcast to discuss the importance of providing Financial Wellness Training to employee owners.
Enhancing Employee Ownership: The Power of Personal Financial Wellness Training in ESOP Companies

Part 3: Fostering Financial Wellness in ESOP Companies

In this final installment of our three-part series, Peter Newman shares valuable insights on why ESOP companies should prioritize personal financial wellness training for their employee owners. While ESOPs are known to provide greater retirement wealth compared to non-EO (non-employee ownership) companies, it's crucial to acknowledge that many employee owners still face retirement uncertainties and insecurities.

Peter explains how just as ESOPs often emphasize open book management, integrating personal financial wellness planning into the company culture can lead to numerous benefits. 

These benefits include higher job security, increased job satisfaction, and improved retention rates among workers. The key to success lies in tailoring financial education to the unique needs and career stages of individual employees.

Three Tiers of Education for Employee Owners

Peak Wealth Planning collaborates with companies to offer three tiers of education, each customized to meet employee owners where they are in their career cycle:

  • Foundational Financial Education: For employees early in their career or ESOP participation, this tier focuses on building a strong financial foundation, including budgeting, saving, and debt management.

  • Mid-Career Financial Guidance: As employees progress in their careers, they receive targeted guidance on wealth accumulation, asset allocation, and retirement planning to help them achieve their financial goals.

  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning: For those approaching retirement, this tier offers specialized guidance to ensure a smooth transition from the workforce to retirement, optimizing their ESOP benefits and financial security.

To hear the full interview with Peter Newman and gain further insights into the value of a Financial Wellness program for EO companies, please check out The EsOp Podcast Episode 265 on SoundCloud.

Final thought.

Incorporating personal financial wellness training into the fabric of ESOP companies is a powerful strategy that empowers employee owners and enhances the success of the ESOP model. As we conclude this enlightening conversation with Peter Newman, we encourage ESOP companies to explore the possibilities of financial education tailored to their employees' unique needs. By investing in the financial well-being of their employee owners, ESOP companies can create a more secure and prosperous future for all.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to empower employee owners and strengthen the foundation of ESOP companies. For access to the full podcast episode and additional resources, visit The EsOp Podcast's website.

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About the Author

Bret Keisling has been involved in ESOPs and employee ownership since 2008. From 2009 to 2012, he served as the CEO of a 100% ESOP company. In 2012, he co-founded Capital Trustees, a boutique ESOP fiduciary firm, where he held the position of managing director. Since 2017, Bret has been the host of The ESOP Podcast, a twice-weekly show internationally recognized for its passionate coverage of employee ownership. Additionally, he produces The Owner to Owner Podcast for the EO Podcast Network.

In 2019, Bret Keisling sold his interest in the trustee firm and established The Keisop Group. The Keisop Group provides consulting and various services to a wide range of employee-owned companies and those considering a transition to employee ownership. You can contact him at for inquiries.



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