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Wealth Management


Wealth Management in Champaign, IL 

What is Wealth Management? 

Wealth management is a professional service that combines financial advice, tax advice, investment management, retirement planning, and estate planning. Clients work with a single wealth manager who first understands your needs and financial goals. Next, the wealth manager works with you to consider advice from attorneys, accountants and insurance agents. Then the wealth manager invests your money in a portfolio to meet your financial goals, preserve and grow your wealth, and minimize taxes.

Wealth Management Professionals 

If you're looking for a wealth management professional in Champaign, IL, Peak Wealth Planning is who to consider. Peter Newman of Peak Wealth Planning specializes in wealth management for retirees, those planning for retirement, business owners, employee stock ownership participants (ESOP), and real estate investors. 

Peak Wealth Planning focuses on wealth management for individuals and families. Through wealth management Peak Wealth Planning helps its clients plan income streams, diversify assets, and avoid hefty tax and financial burdens. Wealth management is a practice that not only allows us to manage assets, but also to build wealth for our clients. We work with our clients to examine their lifestyle, better understand their goals, plan out a desired income, and make sure that all of their wealth is liquid when needed to meet your goals. Peter Newman takes an approach to wealth management that allows clients to keep their assets diversified and invested, while still being able to access large amounts of money without penalties. 

If you need help with managing your wealth in the Champaign area, please get in touch with Peak Wealth Planning. Peter Newman, CFA has extensive knowledge and experience in managing wealth. He has lent his expertise to the University of Illinois for the past decade where he assisted in growing the endowment from $250 million to $700 million and increasing operating cash from $700 million to $2.5 billion. From this experience Peter has learned how to create portfolios using unique building blocks (selecting from thousands of managers) to meet specific goals. Peter Newman is an expert at investment asset allocation and can use his knowledge to grow and preserve your wealth.

If you believe you're a good fit for Peak Wealth Planning and want to have a professional wealth manager grow your assets, get in touch with Peter today about wealth management or setup an appointment. We work with clients in Champaign-Urbana, IL and Chicago, IL. We will also work with remote clients as your virtual financial planner and investment manager.

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