University Employees


What is Your Retirement Vision?

Planning a retirement transition may be complex and a little daunting. Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping University of Illinois, and other university, employees plan for retirement. We listen to your unique vision for retirement.

Do you want to spend time with grandchildren? Volunteer? Work part time? Travel? Start a business?

Once we understand your vision, we work with you to maximize your retirement income using your pension and investments.


We discuss your desired retirement date and vision. We organize your investments (brokerage, 403b, 457, IRA, and 529 accounts). We project your SURS pension. Peak Wealth Planning creates a roadmap that illustrates how you can comfortably live off your pension and other investments.


We advise our clients on:

• pros and cons of delaying or accelerating your retirement date

• how to take advantage of tax saving opportunities

• which annuity or SURS payout you should pick

• how the new Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) may affect you

• whether you will qualify for social security

• navigating post retirement benefits such as life insurance


Peak Wealth Planning does the research and analysis so you can make the best decision to maximize your university retirement income. We coach you every step of the way and help solve other financial issues such as funding college for your kids or evaluating whether you should consider long term care insurance.


To get started today, schedule a call with Peter Newman.