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University Employees


As a university employee planning your future, you have questions about retirement. You may want to know: When can I take my pension? How much income will my pension generate? What sources of income will I have in addition to my pension? Can I afford college for my children? How do I organize and manage my investment accounts? What happens to my health insurance? How do I take care of my spouse? What insurance do I need after I retire?

Peak Wealth Planning specializes in providing financial planning and investment management services to University of Illinois – and other university – employees.

Peak Wealth Planning helps you get organized for retirement. Through our financial planning process, we identify what’s important to you and your retirement vision. Then, we guide you through assessing your pension, investment, and insurance options. Once you understand the options, we work with you to create a strategy to meet your retirement income needs. We also help you meet related goals, such as college for children, security for your spouse, planning for long term care needs, leaving a legacy, and enjoying your life every step of the way.

How will a CFA help university employees?
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Peak Wealth Planning
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