Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping ESOP participants prepare for retirement.

Employee Stock Owners


ESOP Participants Preparing for Retirement


Peter Newman talks about diversifying stock and investment management for employee stock owners to enhance your lifestyle.

Peak Wealth Planning specializes in helping employee owners plan for retirement.


As an active employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) participant nearing retirement, you'll find 

We listen to your unique vision for retirement. Do you want to spend time with grandchildren? Volunteer? Work part-time? Travel? Start a business? Once we understand your unique vision for retirement, we estimate your ideal retirement spending budget while taking into account tax obligations. Next, we catalogue your current investments (employee stock, 401k, IRA, real estate, et cetera). Finally, we forecast what age you can retire.

Your goal is to comfortably live off your social security, ESOP, and other investments from retirement and beyond.

We have the expertise to diversify your company stock into an investment portfolio to meet your lifestyle needs.


It is common for employee stock owners to build concentrated wealth with an individual company stock. But, it is prudent to migrate to a diversified investment portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds to preserve your hard earned wealth. Which is why it is important for ESOP participants to understand:

  1. What is an ESOP?

  2. What are the advantages of a company

  3. What is diversification and distribution?


Peak Wealth Planning can create that portfolio during your transition to retirement, and distribute your retirement income each month or quarter.


In addition to planning for retirement, Peak Wealth Planning advises our ESOP clients on:

• when and how to diversify company stock

• what age is best to draw social security

• how to minimize taxes each year

• whether to take annuity in a single lump sum or income stream

• selecting long term care policy benefit levels

• plan for required minimum distributions (RMDs) from IRA

• gifting to children

• charitable giving and applicable tax laws

• inheritance for your children or favorite charity

• purchasing a second home


To get started today, schedule a call with Peter Newman or request our free Retirement Planning Workbook designed for ESOP participants.