Fees and Disclosures

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC is a fee only investment advisor. We do not receive commissions for trades in client accounts. However, the custodian for your respective accounts may charge transaction fees. These fees typically range from $8­ to $30.

Financial Planning

We charge an hourly rate of $290 for financial planning services . We estimate the number of hours to create your plan and outline our services in a written proposal. Financial planning serves as a precursor to investment management services provided by Peak Wealth Planning, LLC.

Investment Management

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC charges a 1% annual portfolio management fee based on the value of your investments. Fees may be deducted at the end of each quarter from your account (0.25%) or billed directly to you.

Coordinated Services

Peak Wealth Planning, LLC charges an hourly rate of $290 for comprehensive screening of professional service providers including accountants, estate planning attorneys, real estate professionals, or property managers.

Other Compensation

We do not collect fees on the mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), or other securities we recommend for portfolios. Our firm may receive research materials from brokers, custodians, mutual funds or other investment companies. Underlying mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs) do charge a fee. Peak Wealth Planning, LLC will strive to choose investments that have lower fees yet still meet your unique investment needs. When we recommend higher fee products, we monitor performance to judge whether the fees are justified by the investment returns or minimization of portfolio volatility.